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Basketball thrives wherever there's a hoop and a dream. This in-ground hoop system turns your driveway into an arena. Its acrylic backboard has a rebound .Spalding 88454G has a robust 2-piece 4” square pole which is embedded in the ground via ground sleeve anchor system. The combination of Steel and concrete strengthen the overall structure of hoop and makes it ready for vigorous plays.

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This manual, accompanied by sales receipt, should be saved and kept on hand as a convenient reference, it contains Adult Assembly Required. 06/12.Do you recommend filling the base of a portable basketball system with sand or water? We recommend filling the base with either sand or water. If you are using sand, please refer to your owner’s manual for the proper amount to be used with your system.

Internet REQUIRED TOOLS AND See instruction manual for proper installation and maintenance.Portable basketball system with 40-gallon capacity base for water or sand Tempered glass backboard, measures 54 inches wide (0.25-inches thick) Heavy duty solid steel Arena Slam breakaway.

  1. The Spalding (88454G) in-ground basketball system features a 54” x 32” heavy-duty steel framed, 1/4” tempered glass backboard that is designed to withstand the wear and tear from even the most dedicated of players.By you will have access to track If you are looking for a Spalding product manual, visit our online manual finder.

  2. Spalding 88454g Installation Manual Brand: Spalding Size: 54" Price: 9 Review. Installation, Ground sleeve It appears to be manual, which is more durable but does require some effort.54" Angled Portable Backboard System with NBA Super Tack Basketball Bundle Spalding 88454G 54" Glass In-Ground Basketball System Soft Deck Manual Treadmill with Heart Pulse System and Extended Weight Capacity.

  3. Spalding Australia product user manuals and installation guides for In-Ground, Portable and Combo basketball systems. Download the instructions for your systems setup Download the instructions for your systems setup.Ethan got himself a Spalding Basketball System 54” for his birthday. It was on sale at Walmart and I think I know why. It was still.

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internet write model instructions carefully. proper and complete assembly, use and supervision is essential .The Spalding 88454G is an in ground basketball hoop system that features a 54 inch backboard, 2-piece 4 inch square pole, ground sleeve anchor system, U-Turn Pro adjustment mechanism, and Pro-image breakaway.

1 11/06 ID# M8809C41 In-Ground Basketball System Owners Manual Customer Service Center • N53 W24700 South Corporate Circle • Sussex, WI 53089 • U.S.A.To ensure safety, do not attempt to assemble this system without following the instructions carefully. Proper and complete assembly, Proper and complete assembly, use and supervision is essential for proper operation and to reduce the risk of accident or injury.