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The sampling system in the Intox EC/IR II utilizes advantages of both electrochemical sensor (EC) and infrared sensor (IR) technology. The Infrared system is capable of monitoring in real time, both alcohol and carbon dioxide concentrations in the breath.

  • The Intox EC/IR II is a transportable, bench-top instrument featuring fuel cell integration analysis combined Measurement Types, Direct Test / Manual Sample.

  • ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH INTOXIMETER EC/IR II Senior Operator Training Manual Office of Alcohol Testing Box 8509 Little Rock, Arkansas 72215-8509.

  • The Intox EC/IR II.t is a transportable evidential instrument designed to meet the flexible needs of portable testing environments. The instrument’s analytics combine the advantages of electrochemical fuel cell analysis with the real time analytical advantages of infrared technology.

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  • The preventive maintenance procedures for the Intoximeters, Model Intox EC/IR II to be followed at least once every four months are: -. Verify the ethanol gas .

The Intox EC/IR II.t leads the industry in analytical capabilities with its utilization of evidential grade electrochemical fuel cell sensor (EC) and infrared sensor (IR) technology.

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The Intox EC/IR II will detect residual mouth alcohol and abort the test. The certificate will be printed as Invalid Sample The certificate will be printed as Invalid Sample Infrared Sample Chamber.

  1. Most commonly, in North Carolina, law enforcement agencies use the Intox EC/IR II or the Intoxilyzer Model 5000. The Intox EC/IR II is the newer, more reliable .

  2. The Intox EC/IR II is an approved instrument which analyzes a sample of deep lung air and reports the results in milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood.

  3. Jan 28, 2013 Download PDF. A six-year (The breath testing instrument currently used in North Carolina is the Intoximeter, Model Intox EC/IR II.) After his .

The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services, Bureau of Forensic Science, deriving its authority from §18.2-267 and §18.2-268 of the Code of Virginia, was .

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FOI 827 We received a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) for the following: Any information held on the Intoximeter EC/IR machine including the letter of 30/06/03.