Water methanol injection kit instructions and software downloads for all Snow Performance products.V. 0313, Snow Performance, Incorporated CAUTION. You must completely read through these instructions before installing o VC-MAF Controller o 10 Tie .

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Snow Performance's commitment to providing the best water/methanol systems is reflected in the components and construction of all Snow Performance Boost Cooler®.Snow Performance, Inc. (hereafter "Snow") warrants that the Product shall conform to and perform in accordance with published technical specifications and shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship as long as : The exclusive fluid used in the kit has been Snow performance ¶ s Boost Juice water methanol product as evidenced by sales.

  • instruction manual before attempting installation. Contact Snow Performance for any questions or concerns. Nozzle Identification Chart: Nozzle Number Nozzle Size Nozzle Number Nozzle Size 1 60 ml/min 4 225 ml/min 2 100 ml/min 5 375 ml/min 3 175 ml/min 6 625 ml/min.May 30, 2012 Snow Performance Stage 2 Methanol Kit; 4"x4" aluminum plate (1/4" thickness), car head on), underneath the support beam, and behind the support beam. 25. Make the following connections: a. From the Controller.

  • You must completely read through these instructions before All customers/dealers must deal directly with Snow performance to receive o VC-50 Controller.We install and dyno test a Snow Performance Muscle Car Water/Methanol injection kit on PHR's Project Nova, with the help of Outlaw Motorsports.

  • You must completely read though these instructions before installing and Please refer to www.snowperformance.net for current information. © 2008 o VC-A10 Controller With least a 15 AMP capability (25 AMP with 220psi pump).[product_brand] Fits: Any Snow Performance Water/Methanol Injection System Stocking.

  • Snow Performance Stage 2 MAF/MAP Water-Methanol Injection System (07-18 Begin the testing process with both dials on the VC-MAFU at their highest .Boost Juice is Snow Performances proprietary mix of 49% methonalanol and 51% water. It is made in a controlled environment with special care to make sure the ratios are accurate to result in a high performance water-methonalanol fluid formulated for use in the Boost Cooler injection system.

  • snow performance THE WATER-METHANOL INJECTION experts 12-Time sema award winning company As the largest and oldest water-methanol injection company, we bring experience and insight to all aspects of water-methanol injection.Snow Performance VC-20 Controller 60090 at RPM Outlet. Low pricing and fast free shipping on Snow Performance VC-20 Controller 60090.

Snow Performance stage 1, 2 and 3 water-methanol injection systems cool the intake charge and combustion while acting as a high-octane fuel source. Shop Summit Racing.o VC-25/MAF Controller sealants on Snow Performance fittings. Correct Incorrect NOTE: If nozzle is mounted lower then the reservoir, a Solenoid Upgrade The VC series controllers are designed to withstand engine bay conditions, but should not be mounted directly.

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Snow Performance Stage 2 Boost Cooler Water Methanol Injection Kit Larger Photo Features, Contents, Instructions | Nozzle Selection Guide Comes with adjustable progressive VC-20 engine mount controller that can easily be hidden.*Snow Performance adheres to a minimum retail pricing (MRP) policy. DO NOT purchase from any dealer who sells lower than MRP. See product pages for minimum retail pricing. NO WARRANTY is extended for any system purchased below.

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