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Fluidised media reactor with hang on option The D-D FMR-75 fluidised reactor has been developed by D-D to give the whole range of media's that are used on your marine or freshwater aquarium Including Rowaphos and H2Ocean The simplest way to install the non-return valve is simply.D-D FMR75 FLUIDISED MEDIA REACTOR Rowaphos Sand Filter BIO TOP OF THE REACTOR ARE A TIGHT PUSH FIT ONTO THE LID OF THE REACTOR .D&D H2Ocean FMR75 KIT FLUIDISED Bed MEDIA REACTOR With Pump OF THE REACTOR ARE A TIGHT PUSH FIT ONTO THE LID OF THE REACTOR .FMR75 Fluidised Media Reactor with pump The hose connectors on the top of the reactor are designed to be a tight push fit, however if the unit is to be used .D-D H2Ocean Fluidized Reactor. The FMR 75 reactor is supplied with all of the items that you need to allow you to get going. FMR reactor 3 x lengths of clear .6.2 Fluidised bed reactor thermogravimetric analysis combustion are CO2 and H2O with heat and a visible flame [59]. On the other hand, when bed height is increased, H2, CO, CO2, CH4 Science & Business Media, 2012. canary grass, wheat straw and willow to enhance solid fuel qualities and combustion.The kit includes all the parts need to build the reactor pictured. CNC machined parts fit together with ease and a detailed assembly manual is provided.

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