Operation. Assembly The L-33 Solo may be easily rigged or derigged in just fifteen minutes by two people. All controls hook up automatically. The main wing spars are connected in the fuselage center by two pins conveniently accessible from pilot's cockpit.

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Mar 1, 2017 This Ground Procedures Manual is a companion to the GBSC Membership used on the 2-33s) put it by the wing tie down but ma-e it obvious so it is easy helping bring out the L-13 Blanik and I was walking the wing away ALWAYS call for a reevaluation of procedures, methods and PIC training.

  • Nov 22, 2010 The one-seat L33 Solo was a new addition to the Blanik family of set of spare parts, flight manual, maintenance manual, levelling and rigging .

  • CZECHOSLOVAKIA. SAILPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL. DO - L 23. 1011.5. CREDIGERAGOUR training and for performing soaring flight. The Manual is intended to the L 23 SUPER - BLANIK sailplane is different from other sailplanes. This manual BALLAST OF 33 LB WHEN FLOWN SOLO BY A PILOT. (INCLUDING .

  • Congatulations to Horst Roehler! Blanik L-33 Solo the winner of Region 9 Contest. In Sports Class, the overall winner, and the best story of the contest, was Horst Roehler who won four out of six days in his first.

  • Blanik TG-10 L-13A L-13AC L-13SW L-13B L-13TJ The L-13 Blaník is a two-seater trainer glider produced by Let Kunovice since 1956. It is the most numerous and widely used glider in the world.

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This Sailplane Flight Manual has been prepared to provide pilots and instructors Of the L 23 SUPER - BLANiK sailplane w th 'nformation far training and for performing soaring flight.

  1. quality metal aircraft, including 2-seated aluminum sailplane trainers such as the Blanik L-13, and more recently the newer Super Blanik L-23. An L-33 prototype was delivered to Oerlinghausen, Germany.

  2. INTRODUCTION Procedures recommended by the manufacturer for proper ground handling, servicing and maintenance, which must be followed if the sailplane is to retain new-plane performance and dependability,are given in the Maintenance Manual of the L 23 SUPER - BLANIK Sailplane.

  3. The L 23 is an all. cockpit cover, pitot cover, set of spare parts, flight manual, maintenance manuals vol 1 and 2, levelling and. Honda CRX Civic JDM Parts In. blanik l-13 maintenance manual. Blanik L-13 pilot's notes.

Dec 20, 1995 This sailplane Flight Manual is FAA Aproved for U.S. - registered sailplanes The L 23 SUPER - BLANIK sailplane is a cantilever, high-wing, two-seat It is necessary to use front seat removable ballast of 33 lb when flown solo Elementary training-to-advanced training and to performance soaring.

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Oct 7, 2013 USAF Academy Dual Aerobatic/Spin Training Glider of choice. L13AC back to the standard wing span of L-13 Blanik and/or L23 Super Blanik. hours when operated as per section 2.1.5. of the L13AC Maintenance Manual. seat belts, seat cushions, special seat back rests, extra seat with 33 lb ballast, .

Blanik L 23 Parts Manual Our nitrogen filled pneumatic gear strut (shock absorber) on a Blanik L23 is flat. It appears that the fill valve is defective.