The Zeiss Ikon Contax I introduced a new lens mount in 1932, today known as Contax rangefinder mount. The Contax II and III used the same mount, as well as the postwar Contax IIa and Contax IIIa models. This mount was also used by the Kiev followers of the Contax, from the first models.

When Zeiss announced the end of Contax IIa and IIIa rangefinder camera production it came suddenly and without any notice. A catalog was issued to announce the start of the Contarex line and this catalog announced the end of rangefinder camera production and then end of all lenses and accessories for rangefinder cameras. At that time the Contax IIa cost the same as a brand new Chevrolet.

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Although pricey, unless you are willing to buy one that is in user condition not collector quality, the Nikon S or S-2 is a great compromise between Contax with dreadful roller blind shutter (my opinion) and Leica M series.

A 35mm film rangefinder camera, the Contax IIa continues a line of machines that stretches back to the original Contax I of 1932, and is the last of the non-metered Contax rangefinders (the IIIa, a version with a built-in light meter, debuted in 1951). It offers the greatest degree of sophistication in the smallest and most ergonomically pleasing package of all Zeiss rangefinders, and provides.

  • The Contax I was a high end 35 mm rangefinder system camera made by Zeiss Ikon to compete with Leica models. It was released in 1932. The Contax I was Zeiss' answer to Leica's offerings in the. It was released.

  • In many ways, the Contax IIa (and Zeiss Ikon) could be seen as the underdog, and maybe that explains why I rather like this camera. Also, it just .

  • With the Contax II and III, Zeiss not only had a legitimate competitor to Leica, in many ways it bettered Leica and was often considered THE Professional 35 system. It was a success Zeiss would not enjoy after W.W.II. combating the likes of the formidable Leica.

  • This resulted in the post-W.W.II Kiev clone of the Contax II/III (see Contax II/III and Contax IIa/IIIa below). Zeiss Ikon never reemerged as such in East Germany .

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Contax (sometimes stylised as CONTAX) began as a camera model in the Zeiss Ikon line in 1932, and later became a brand name. The early cameras were among the finest in the world, typically featuring high quality Zeiss interchangeable lenses.

  1. Zeiss Contax IIa and IIIa. Postwar Precision 1950-61. The Zeiss Contax was arguably the best 35mm rangefinder made before WWII, with a larger range of faster and sharper lenses than Leica. Many considered the pre-war Contax the "professional" 35mm camera, while the Leica was for amateurs. While Leica remained relatively intact after the war, Zeiss postwar recovery was made infinitely harder.

  2. Zeiss Ikon Contax II Zeiss Ikon Contax IIa. Posted 4-13-'08 / 10-16-'11. The next page contains information on this camera. If the image below looks like your .

  3. Jun 1, 2018 In his hand was the Zeiss Contax II, then the finest 35mm film camera in the world. With it, he shot his Magnificent Eleven, eleven captivating .

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This is a Contax IIa camera advertisement from June 1952 Note is does not say the Contax IIa is better than the Contax II. It says the Contax IIa is the Contax, the only Contax. The Contax IIa was introduced at the 1951 Photokina Photography Show in Germany. The Contax IIa was produced by Carl Zeiss in West Germany in Stuttgart. The East German Zeiss Jena VEB also produced a small number.